What is Codeium ?

Codeium is a free AI-powered toolkit for developers. With Codeium, users can leverage the power of next-generation AI to save time and improve coding productivity. Codeium is available on all major IDEs and supports 70+ languages. It provides features such as rapid code autocomplete, an in-editor AI chat assistant, and unlimited usage. It is trusted by hundreds of thousands of developers and is SOC 2 Type II Compliant.

Codeium Key Features:

  • Rapid code autocomplete: This tool provides rapid code autocomplete to save time and improve coding productivity.
  • In-editor AI chat assistant: The platform provides an in-editor AI chat assistant to help developers with coding.
  • Unlimited usage: This provides unlimited usage for all its features.
  • Trained on permissive data: The tool is trained on permissive data, ensuring legal compliance.
  • Support via Discord: Provides support for its users via Discord.
  • Encryption in transit: Provides encryption in transit for all its data.

Use Cases:

  • Autocompleting code faster than thought: This AI tool can help developers autocomplete code faster than thought.
  • AI-powered chat: Codeium can help developers get a helping hand from an AI-powered chat.
  • Generating boilerplate: This can help developers generate boilerplate code quickly.
  • Explaining code: Tool can help developers explain code quickly and efficiently.
  • Suggesting bug fixes: This can help developers suggest bug fixes quickly.

Paid version: Starting from $15 Per month

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