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Clause AI

What is Clause AI ?

Clause AI Bot is an AI-powered drafting platform that combines the expertise of human legal experts with the power of AI. It offers hybrid drafting, allowing users to automatically create an outline and interactively add clauses from their own library or suggested by the AI. The conversational drafting feature enables users to instruct the AI to draft a document outline or rephrase clauses. Users can also export documents using their own house style and receive suggestions from the AI on how to enrich their document. Clause AI Bot also offers advanced features such as interrogating and redrafting documents, generating clauses and summaries, and serving as a companion for LLM students.

Clause AI Key Features:

  • Hybrid drafting: combines human expertise with AI to create first drafts in minutes
  • Conversational drafting: instruct the AI to draft a document outline or rephrase clauses
  • Compliant documents: export documents using your own house style
  • Inspiration: receive suggestions from the AI on how to enrich your document
  • Direct insertions: easily copy generated paragraphs into opened documents
  • Interrogate documents: interactively search and query your document
  • Redraft documents: modify existing paragraphs while preserving layout and cross-references
  • Clause generation: generate clauses with a short prompt or rephrase existing clauses
  • Summaries and explanations: AI can summarize and explain legal content
  • LLM companion: serves as a source for finetuning and training large language models

Use Cases:

  • Law firms: streamline document drafting process and reduce time and costs
  • Legal teams: collaborate and work more efficiently on document creation
  • LLM students: use as a companion for studying and drafting legal documents
  • In-house legal departments: ensure compliance and consistency in document creation
  • Legal professionals: save time and effort on routine document drafting tasks

Paid version: Starting from $21.74 Per month

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