AutoPod AI

AutoPod AI

What is AutoPod AI ?

AutoPod AI is an innovative tool designed to save time and streamline the editing process for video podcasts and shows in Adobe Premiere Pro. It offers a variety of plug-ins that can automatically edit multi-camera sequences, create social media clips, and generate jump cuts in footage. AutoPod was created by editors for editors, with the goal of automating tedious tasks and allowing users to focus on the creative aspects of editing.

AutoPod AI Key Features:

  • Multi-Camera Editor: Automatically edits sequences with up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones, customizable to fit any editing method and save presets for future use.
  • Social Clip Creator: Automatically creates clips in different aspect ratios for social media, with added features like auto-reframe and watermarks.
  • Jump Cut Editor: Cuts footage based on silence, perfect for creating engaging social media clips.

Use Cases:

  • Video Podcasts and Shows: AutoPod AI can significantly reduce the time and effort required for editing weekly podcasts and shows, allowing creators to focus on content creation.
  • Social Media Clips: The social clip creator feature allows for quick and easy creation of clips in different aspect ratios, perfect for sharing on social media platforms.
  • Any Editing Method: Whether using standard cutting, multi-cam, or enable/disable, This tool can be customized to fit any editing method and streamline the process.

Paid version: Starting from $29 Per month

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