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What is Altered AI ?

Altered AI is a professional voice changer software and service that offers a unique technology to change voices to different curated or custom voices, making it easy to create compelling voice performances. It also offers a voice content creation platform for exclusive access to Speech-To-Speech voice morphing and integrates various Voice AI technologies for media production. With Altered AI, users can change their vocal identity, accent, performance style, age, and gender in real-time, making it perfect for content creation, voice chatting, voice cloning, and post-production sound editing.

Altered AI Key Features:

  • Unique technology for changing voices to different curated or custom voices
  • Speech-To-Speech voice morphing for media production
  • Real-time voice changer for voice chatting
  • Generative AI for voice creators to enhance their performances
  • Voice cloning capabilities for replicating any voice
  • Text-To-Speech feature for natural and engaging narration in 70+ languages
  • AI-powered voice cleaning for professional sound recordings

Use Cases:

  • Content Creation: Altered AI can be used to change voices for different characters in a production, adding accents, gravitas, and charisma to performances.
  • Voice Chatting: With real-time voice changing capabilities, Altered is perfect for gaming, online meetings, and any voice communication platform.
  • Voice Cloning: Users can replicate any voice, from famous actors to personal friends or even their own younger voice.
  • Post-Production Sound Editing: This tool can be used to clean up recordings, removing background noises and optimizing dialogue pacing for a professional sound.
  • Translation and Transcription: The platform also offers quick and accurate transcription and translation in 75+ languages, making it easy to dub content into different languages.

Paid version: Starting from $40 Per month

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